Offline Services

Film Developing

We process all types of films (each chemical is quality monitored including temperature and use One-shot process without re-using chemicals)

  • Slide / Transparent films (E-6)
  • Colour negatives (C-41)
  • B&W negatives (D76 and T-Max)

In addition, we cross process all variety of film formats (35mm, 120, 4X5, etc…) including push / pull processing.


Professional virtual drum/roll film scanners are used to provide high resolution digital images (upto 4000 dpi) from films (35mm, 120, 4×5) and photographs using:

  • Nikon Coolscan [5000ED, 9000ED]
  • Imacon
  • Pakon
  • Epson

Image processing and restoration

Digital images are enhanced to make it more visually appealing and low resolution images are processed to make it print worthy for bigger enlargements.

Images from films/photos are scanned using Digital ICE and ROC technology and our team expertise to restore them. We digitally mix and create colour photos out of Black &White photos as well.


We offer personalized Photobook creation services by using our in-house designs by our team of design experts. Our photobooks are sized between 4”x6” to 12”X36”inches. We use cold / thermal lamination process to ensure the longevity of the photobooks. A choice of unique photo book covers are also available.